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In my closing school report, my headmaster wrote ‘I hope that he does not become a dilettante’. If I have disappointed his hopes, I can at least say that I have no regrets.

If you want the official story, please visit my website.; this blog however is about issues of identity, if it’s about anything, so it is possible that different narratives may emerge as we go.


One thought on “About the author

  1. Hi Paul ,

    Correct me if I’m wrong ,but would that Headmaster have been a certain R.F.Glover ? Or possibly Weir House Head, who’s name escapes me. I was in the same year as yourself at Monmouth Boys but part of the dayboy ruffnecks in Hereford House under Ron Smith .Since those days I’ve strayed in and out of the music industry and now working for a Local TV ,Latest TV in Brighton . I hope to attend the Thinkbox event ‘Creativity Magic @ the Soho Hotel , and maybe say hello .

    Regards ,

    Alan Thomas

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